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Luminate - Children's Blue Light Glasses

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Improve Your Children's Sleep and Health With Hand Crafted Blue Light Glasses  

Did you know that over exposure to artificial blue light can be detrimental to your  children's' eyes, health, and sleep? Some examples of artificial blue light includes smartphones, computers, televisions, and tablet screens.
Staring at a screen for a long period of time can strain their eyes and over time can cause long-term vision issue such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. The increase stress on their eyes can cause re-occurring headaches.
Blue light is known to disrupts our circadian rhythm, the natural release of melatonin when they sleep. The blue light tricks their brain into believing it is daytime which makes falling asleep more difficult and lowers our quality of sleep.

These hand crafted anti blue light glasses are the perfect tool to help protect your children's eyes, correct their sleep pattern, and improve their health.


  • ✔ Get rid of blue light related headaches
  • ✔ Reduce eye strain and soreness
  • ✔ Confident long term use of screens without negative effects
  • ✔ Increase melatonin
  • ✔ Improve Sleep Quality
  • ✔ Increase focus and energy
  • ✔ Clear vision
  • ✔ Stress free eyes
  • ✔ Trendy look
Regularly wearing anti blue light lens can help increase energy and focus, improve your children's quality of sleep, and protect your children's eyes. These stylish hand crafted blue light glasses allow your children to confidently enjoy using their devices without any negative effects to their health and eyes. 
Our high-quality lenses are hand crafted to ensure 100% protection for your children's eyes. The frames are made from premium material that makes it super light and comfortable for them wear and use all day.
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